Hello Monday, why are you so cold? Yesterday you guys thought that the former teen pin-up now doing gay prons was maybe Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Hoo boy! That would be funny. Man of the House 2: Men of the House. Anyway, today we have a comedy dude who's secretly geigh and a singer about to get divorced (not Xtina).

1) "Which supposedly straight funnyman keeps getting caught in West Village dives propositioning men by opening his legs and winking? We hear the B-lister had a few takers." [NYDN]

2) "This happy couple has been in this spot before, but now it seems as if they might not be a happy couple for much longer. Today must be idiot day, but this A list female singer and her celebrity husband are on the brink of divorce because our celebrity can't keep his pants zipped. Apparently he has been hitting the road and hitting on anything, male or female that has been crossing his path. His explanations and lies are wearing thin. This would be an even bigger idiot move than #1 up above. (Not Xtina)" [CDaN]