With this old decade of riches crumbling around us, how can we soothe our jangled nerves? We suggest with an act of remembrance-as-catharsis. You know, like putting old photos of you and your New York heyday buddies up on Facebook!

For a while people were just uploading new snaps onto the social networking site, but now some graying folks (including oldie and goodie Spy magazine!)—perhaps suddenly feeling burdened with the desperate, tingly sensation of time swiftly passing—are sifting through shoeboxes at the backs of closets and flipping through dogeared copies of The Bean Trees to see what old glory days photos they can find and slap up on the web. We've found a few so far—of Radar brave knight Maer Roshan, of peacenik Bill Dobbs, of Wigstock mainstay Lady Bunny (above), all of them fresh-faced and young—on Jon Nalley's 1992 Democratic National Convention album. Journey with us below, and then send us your old(ish) New York (and beyond!) photos. It'll be like signing a yearbook!

Dobbs, right, with Sandor Katz

Maer, on left.

Maer, on right.