Um. Entertainment Weekly has yet another click-heavy pageview generator list-gallery on their website today, this one called the "25 Smartest People in TV." And there, at number 25, are the ladies from The View. Yes, The View. The shrieking, blubbering, facticide lady chat show that features the estimable talents of Sherri "The World is Flat" Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who once threw Rosie O'Donnell in a pond to see if she would float, like a witch. (She did).

I mean the whole list is kinda bullshit, they have Jon Stewart at like 24 or something while Family Guy simp Seth MacFarlane is number 1. (Though, I guess he should get some credit for hoodwinking 17-year-old boys into thinking that long, repetitive pauses and useless non sequiturs are high comedy.) Not to mention the fact that the whole idea of the "25 Smartest People in TV" sounds like a complete oxymoron unto itself. Most TV is ruined and empty at this point. And the only "smart" people left are the ones clever enough to feed off its carcass with rehash muck like The Mentalist. And we shouldn't be celebrating that! You know who the actual smartest person on TV is?

Jeff Foxworthy.

Think about it.