Yesterday you friends guessed that the celebrity who went from smoking cigarettes to smoking drugs was, gasp!, terrorist-elect Barack Obama. And the parking ticket obsessed guy? Jerry Seinfeld. Interesting indeed. Today we have an actor with an embarrassing man-boob problem, a druggie singer who might get kicked out of her group, and a rising star whose parents just don't understand.

1) "Which well-built actor has been bought a bra for Christmas by a disgruntled ex as a dig about his moobs?" [Mirror]

2) "This barely serviceable singer from a barely serviceable group does have B+ name recognition while the group itself has probably A+ name recognition. Anyway, our singer has been throwing quite a few tantrums lately including walking off stage well before the set is over. Mostly these are because of her drug habit. Coke and meth are her drugs of choice. The bigger problem is that our singer is convinced that her significant other who is many times richer will take care of her if she gets kicked out of the group. Maybe, but some of the other girls he has been cheating with may not agree with her viewpoint." [CDaN]

3) "Which actress’ parents nixed her boyfriend because he 'wasn’t like them'? The boyfriend is a music maker who has certainly made the rounds through a bunch of actresses. Most surprisingly, though, is the recent discovery that he was dating an actress who is aiming for A list status via films. The actress’ parents completely freaked out when they saw a photo of the couple as her laptop computer’s screensaver, and demanded she break up with him. Although you would know her parents’ names if you heard them - and assume that they would not care about things like income, race, religion, or age - they are actually just a couple of snobs who couldn’t get past the fact that he 'wasn’t like them'." [BlindGossip]