HOLLYWOOD, CA - In a suggestion that Pop Culture Doomsday shows no signs of abating, the Dark Lord Satan emerged from the charred remains of the Body Shop this afternoon to announce a brand-new reality project for TV Land.

"What, you thought I wouldn't put in a cameo at least?" Satan was reported to have said at the hastily put-together press conference.

"I'm excited to announce that I've helped engineer a pilot presentation for TV Land that would follow the vacuous lives of Hollywood couple Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin," he continued.

"Ever since I started here, I've been out in the marketplace looking for a celebrity couple with dynamic stories to tell, and when I met Lisa and Harry, it made sense," said Keith Cox, TV Land's executive VP of development and original programming.

Satan went on to say that TV Land executives were currently settling on a name for the still-untitled project, though "Lisa and Harry: Lips and Relationships" and "Kill Yourself Before Watching" were rumored to be contenders.

"Nehehehehe," he added.