The other day, The View's resident conservative/pirate couture expert Elisabeth Hasselbeck chose to assail Deepak Chopra not with any of the clear, New Agey ammunition at hand, but with the ethnically questionable order, "Go light a bowl of incense!" This comment, er, incensed some Indians, who saw it as a potential slur.

The furor prompted Elisabeth to make amends on today's show, but in the most hurried, sneaky way possible. After the ladies devoted endless amounts of talk to offensive, sexist comments made by Rush Limbaugh about Hillary Clinton, Elisabeth quickly rushed out the apology for her comparatively innocuous jab just as Whoopi began to throw the show to commercial. Clever, girl, but the real expert would have snuck it in during the View's endless crosstalk, where no one would have been the wiser. Clip above.