Recently, we re-introduced Gawker Pin-Ups, in which we scour the web (and your Facebook pages) for hottt photos of people in (or vaguely around) the media. And I was thinking: why fight the system when you can be the system, or at least make the system work for you? One of the jobs I never got fired from was art modeling, which is like one step above food preparation. It was more interesting than telemarketing, which I did get roundly dismissed from. Pop quiz: if I'm laid off by the end of this month, and I get paid by the pageview, then why not use it for my very own benefit? No way: I would never exploit my likeness for pageviews. Haha, yeah right. Click through, cookie. (Do not want? Do not care!)

There you go, folks. You can kind of, ALMOST, see my underwear—which is, of course, a statement on the (clickable) driving force of online media. Pageviews?! You got it, babe. Sorry I didn't think of this sooner.

[Photo: Burke Heffner]