This morning, it was announced that NBC Universal is cutting 30 people from its sales team. But that is just the beginning. TVNewser says that NBCU has started a round of planning 500 layoffs which could continue through today and into next week. We'll be updating this post as more NBCU layoff news comes in [More info on NBC News cuts now added]. Here's what we know so far:

  • 30 staffers in ad sales and research.
  • CNBC is rumored to be facing as many as 80 layoffs today.
  • TVNewser says "The NBC News bureaus in Dallas and Los Angeles (Burbank) are already experiencing cuts, with the insider saying Dallas will experience more layoffs than in Burbank. Among those losing their jobs, NBC News correspondent Don Teague who has been with the network since 2002."
  • More specific info on those NBC news bureau cuts: Burbank lost a few people yesterday; Dallas had their layoffs last week, New York went this morning (and may hear about more later today), and DC has a meeting at 3:00 to hear about theirs. Most of those laid off will have their last days on Dec. 31. In addition to the aforementioned Don Teauge, we hear that Dateline's John Larson has been let go.

More info as it arrives.