Stars — they're just like us, if by "us" you mean "people who use the Internet too much." Luke Wilson, the Hollywood B-lister best known for playing a schlubby everyman, also appears to be a typical user of Twitter, the blogging service which sanely limits its users' oversharing to 140 characters at a time, when it's not actively destroying the news business. Someone signed up for a "LukeWilson" account back in April.

Here's why I think it's really the actor. It's not the autobiographical details, like a love for Austin or Blue Moon beer, which any pretender could have looked up online. It's the sheer ordinariness of Wilson's Twitter feed which feels real:

Of note:

  • The account was sporadically used in April and May, then went all but silent until November. A classic adoption pattern of real Twitter users.
  • A faker would publish a fantasy version of Wilson's life via Twitter. Instead, the "tweets" — Twitter messages — are relentlessly mundane, discussing beer and replying to other Twitter users. Most real tweets consist of banter with other users rather than actual information.
  • The most recent message notes that Wilson has installed software to help him use Twitter better. He has not tweeted since then. Again, classic Twitter!