Today, Barack Obama had his, what, fifteenth press conference in two weeks or something, to introduce America to his Secretary of Commerce, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. The assembled press had a very important question for the president-elect and his appointee: what happened to Bill Richardson's awesome primaries beard? Obama acknowledged his frustration with Richardson's decision to shave: "We're deeply disappointed with the loss of the beard," he said. Is this why Richardson didn't get the State job? Sure, the beard and also the fact that he's kind of a buffoon.

Here's what you need to know about new Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson: the former UN Secretary really wanted a foreign policy gig, but he's terrible with foreign policy, having been incoherent about both Gulf Wars and supporting the Contras and also persecuting Wen Ho Lee (so the Chinese hate him). He's also shitty on domestic policy, but less dangerous, especially at Commerce. He was owed a position for supporting Obama over Clinton, his old boss. He has a bad habit of being grabby with ladies. He used to have a beard. He's a free-trader who decided, after pushing NAFTA, that he is now a "fair trader."

But yes he's mostly harmless.