Everyone's been talking about David Gregory moderating Meet the Press all week, even stretching the very definition of journalism to report on it. And yet the NBC News chief White House correspondent hasn't even taken the job yet, according to the Times, and all the leaks might even ruin his chances! But probably not, because it sounds like one of his competitors for the job spilled the beans:

Sunday NBC executives made calls to people who had been considered as potential hosts or panelists on “Meet the Press,” letting them know a decision had been made. The list of contenders had at one time been long, including two other NBC correspondents, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell; the MSNBC host Chris Matthews; the PBS host Gwen Ifill; the CNN correspondent John King; and even the “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric, who had been a longtime host of “Today.”

Well, there are your leakers right there. NBC News notifies a bunch of media bigwigs about the job they didn't get, for which Gregory was the longtime frontrunner, and the network is surprised there was a leak why?

NBC makes a nice mint on Meet The Press, but the real cash cow is Today, and Gregory is reportedly being put into a holding pattern at the former so he can eventually be called on to host the latter. Which means the wine-loving clown will soon be doing one of his infamous happy dances, as remembered in the clip above (culled from Monday's comments!).