Poor Harvey Weinstein just can't catch a break for The Reader! So far, his pushy campaign to ready the film for awards glory has resulted in the loss of both Scott Rudin and a million-dollar bet, and now his efforts have resulted in further ignominy: Kate Winslet's very naked performance was denied a spot on Mr. Skin's Top Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2008. Could this be an Oscar precursor? Let's hope not, considering who came in first:

1. Mischa Barton
Title: Closing the Ring
Release Date: August 1, 2008
Mischa Barton not only goes topless 26 minutes into this World War II drama, but at the 34-minute mark, the O.C. hottie bares T&A. Mischa’s nude scenes are luscious, lengthy and brightly lit, so they’re guaranteed to turn you into a Barton fink!

We're disappointed and a little surprised, frankly. Old Harvey would have locked down the number one spot with an aggressive lobbying effort, NSFW "For Your Consideration" ads, and a series of generously topless post-film Q&As with Winslet. It's a stunning upset for Barton, but then, many in the industry have wanted to see Weinstein toppled since Gwyneth Paltrow's Shakespeare in Love nude scene somehow beat out Cate Blanchett in '98. Consider yourself avenged, Cate!