Because of all the magic innuendo, you guys thought that yesterday's maybe gay young star was Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe. An answer that I rather enjoy. Plus, I've already seen him naked! I didn't write home about it. Today we have an NBA star (that's basketball, fruits) who dressed up as Santa and got his freak on, a little teeny celeb who smokes like a chimney, and another celebrity with a scar story.

1) "This married NBA All Star took a little time away from the family this weekend to play his own version of Santa Claus. No, this isn't a kindness. Apparently he and one of his long time friends got a suite this weekend and invited a gaggle of strippers. Our basketball player dressed as Santa, minus the pants and invited each of the strippers to sit on his lap. Yep. Each one got a turn with Santa and then his friend who didn't dress up. Seems kind of a waste of a good theme. Anyway, the strippers stayed for several hours until Santa and his friend were completely satisfied and finished spreading their holiday joy. Then Santa went back home to the wife and kid/kids to spend some quality time with the family." [CDaN]

2) "Who could say no to this blonde moppet? Not her bodyguard who is often tasked with providing her with her favorite brand of cigarettes, American Spirit. So what’s the problem ? This smokin’ little girl is only 15!" [Star]

3) "So the truth about Tina Fey’s scar is that a stranger slashed her face while she was in her front yard when she was just five years old. No wonder she doesn’t like to talk about how it happened. This other celeb, on the other hand, loves to talk about how he got his scar. His story has changed a couple of times, but it’s usually about him being macho. Too bad he’s not telling the truth. The truth, according to a close relative, is that he tripped and fell when he was drunk one night. Not exactly macho." [BlindGossip]