Larry Langford, the mayor of Birmingham, has been arrested! For corruption, or something. The Justice Department finally nabbed him! It's on Drudge! Even though you've never heard of Larry Langford. Langford's terrible massive corruption involved country bond deals, the most boring possible way to be corrupt ever. But one thing the Bush Justice Department has been really good at is nabbing small-time Democrats on corruption charges.

The priorities of the Bush Justice Administration? Roughly: terror/wiretapping, voter fraud (mostly by black and poor people), porn/indecency, and corruption (mostly by Democrats, some of whom are black). Here is what Langford did:

Langford, LaPierre and Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount are accused in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of not disclosing $156,000 in payments to Langford. The SEC has accused Blount of paying Langford through LaPierre as part of a plan to secure Jefferson County financial business when Langford was Jefferson County Commission president.

Damning! It's not as awesome as Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson's bribery, or Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's sexy texting scandal (the FBI actually involved itself in the lamer contract-awarding scandal with Kwame's dad), but it'll do for today.

We're not saying the Bush Justice Department has been politicized, but the Bush Justice Department has been politicized. Also Langford is obviously corrupt as hell but so is Norm Coleman and no one will put him in jail, no matter how many impassioned, profanity-laced comments we leave on

Look: Black Democratic mayors across the country should just stop being corrupt for a while, until the new administration takes over and Justice transitions to caring about reading terrorists their rights or whatever.