No more time off til Christmas, boo hoo. At least we have some blind items for you on this barren December 1st morning. An editor giving his lover unfair promotions, a model doing lots of blow, an actor doing lots of blow and being gay (we think? we don't really speak British), and a famous fellow who got himself circumcised after his disapproving mother passed away.

1) "Which married N.Y. editor has his staff in an uproar after he recently promoted his much younger paramour to a top editorial position. The affair is an open secret at the publication, but the promotion was the last straw for peeved staffers, who now can't talk back to the editor's pet." [NYDN]

2) "Which model is enjoying a little bit too much of the high life? Her ability to rack up endless lines of coke is playing havoc with her appearance - and she's becoming a little too reliant on the airbrush." [Mirror]

3) "Which young actor is hungrily hoovering up as much coke as he can get his hands on? He thinks it’s a kind of magic, but unfortunately one that gives him a two-day bout of depression and makes him shout utter bollocks at strangers for hours. Oh, and he also likes to pull rabbits out of men’s bottoms rather than a lady’s mary." [Holy Moly]

4) "Which celebrity had himself circumcised after his mother died? Tradition in his family dictated that he be circumcised at birth. However, his mother thought the procedure was barbaric and refused to have it done. Shortly after his mother’s death, though, he had himself clipped. It is a little surprising that he went against his mother’s wishes, though, given how close they were." [BlindGossip]