Happy Turkey y'all. Yesterday I ate food and then tried to play Wii with my younger cousins and basically fell over. On the plus side, it's warm in Florida. How was your holiday? While you contemplate how to answer that, take a took at these blind items, after the jump: two warring movie stars, a bisexual singer, a cheatin' husband who ditched on Thanksgiving, and a celeb switching from one drug to another.

1) "When a film comes out, the stars usually share the promotional duties. In the case of this film, however, Star 1 has been making the rounds of talk shows, while Star 2 has been conspicuously absent. While Star 2 is claiming that his absence is due to other work obligations, the truth is that the friction between the two was so bad on the set that Star 2 has completely washed his hands of anything to do with the film. Star 1 remains publicly upbeat and supportive of Star 2, but has privately told friends that Star 2 is “the biggest a**hole on the planet,” and that the two will never, ever work together again." [BlindGossip]

2) "Which singer linked to a string of gorgeous ladies has fallen in love with another man and is about to come out as bisexual?" [Mirror]

3) "Which celebrity is acting like a real turkey this Thanksgiving? He and his wife, who are both actors, have been sparring lately over a variety of issues, the most serious being his getting a little too friendly with a co-star. The wife had hoped that a traditional Thanksgiving gathering would reawaken those feelings of love for her and their family. She prepared a huge Thanksgiving dinner, and will be hosting more than two dozen relatives, most of them his. However, at the last minute he has told her that he can’t get away from a project he is working on. It’s not true though. He is actually with a friend in Las Vegas." [BlindGossip]

4) "Which star has traded an addiction for class A drugs for prescription drugs?" [Mirror]