Time contributor and (decidedly former) constructor of DC press corps conventional wisdom Mark Halperin told a forum recently that the pro-Obama bias displayed by the media this campaign season was "disgusting." "It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage," he added. You know who agrees with him? Al-Qaeda! Earlier this month, al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri invoked Malcolm X and called our president-elect a "house negro." Apparently, the international press did not take this criticism seriously, and al-Zawahiri was roundly mocked for tryna start shit. Al-Qaeda message boards are dismayed!

Though hardcore Al-Qaida supporters have predictably dismissed any criticism of Dr. al-Zawahiri and are fiercely backing his choice of words, there is a rather ironic (if not entirely unfamiliar) twist to this issue. After observing international press reporting on the incident, these same supporters are now bitterly attacking the media for its "unfair" pro-Obama bias and for deliberately "confusing" the meaning of al-Zawahiri's message.

Hahahaha al-Qaeda message boards—they're just like The Corner!