Foreseeing a day when curtailed Hills shooting leaves her without anybody to antagonize, or maybe just catching a faint whiff of those $12 million salaries (or something else) around the corner, Audrina Patridge is angling to join the Twilight revolution. The starlet tells MTV today that, like, hell yeah she's a fan of the vampire novels and their blockbuster movie adaptation, and she's in for the sequels. Just as soon as she's invited:

In fact, Audrina is so up on the series that she’s already campaigning to be a part of it, telling us she’d love to be thought of as a potential cast member for the next two adaptations. "I would definitely love to play one of the vampires. I don’t know which one because there’s so many in the fourth book that come in," she enthused. "I’d have to go in and read all the vampires again and see which one I’d absolutely want to play, but I would love to [be a part of it]!"

We'd love to see that, too. But! Failing the presence of an appropriately orange-ish transfer student who shows up in Forks, Washington, about halfway through Eclipse, it may simply be faster for the screenwriter to add in a mysterious party girl whose predilection for Stoli Red Bulls is revealed to be a more sinister taste than it appears.