The ad agency employee who filmed two of his coworkers screwing in the office is obviously not shy (notwithstanding the end of his infamous video clip, where he runs away). He's keeping his name anonymous, but other than that he seems happy to talk. If you believe the claims of people using pseudonyms, the intrepid cameraman was chattering away in the comments section at Agency Spy; he emailed us yesterday, (Correction: the person who emailed us was a distributor of the clip, not the cameraman), saying "It's been a very fun 48 hours"; and he gave an interview to Asylum about how his cinematic work got him (unjustly?) fired: He says that late Friday afternoon, he and two coworkers gathered around to watch these people fucking in the office. He was recording the clip on his cell phone, and the other two were taking photos.

And how did the video get out? I showed a couple of officemates on my phone and everyone was shocked and awed. I downloaded it to my computer and sent it on to two other co-workers and that was all the digital distribution I did and it just went viral from there. And a week later it ended up on Gawker and Mediabistro and then the word got back to me that all the creatives were sending it around. I freaked. I thought it was amazing how something could go viral and end up online so quickly when I had nothing to do with it really.

Huh. It is true that this guy did not send us the video; it is not true that he "had nothing to do with it," since he recorded it. Anyhow, HR tracked him down and fired him.

What about the people who were having sex in the office? They still work there. I think it's wrong. I don't see why I should get canned and not the ones who were doing the deed. But my plan is just to keep on trucking and find another job. My true goal is to join an agency as an art director.

So here's the part where we say, hey, what do you people think, fair or unfair? Seems to me like fucking in the office and recording someone fucking in the office are equally bad (or harmless) and should cancel each other out, so everyone should have just continued on as if it never happened. [Asylum, Previously]