Updated! So last weekend some rich kids went down in Cancun for something called the Summit Series (formerly known by the more assholeish moniker "the Young World Leaders Summit"). These entrepreneurs and executives networked or something, but clubbing and drinking aside they were obviously concerned about the dire state of the world. Specifically, they were concerned that clubbing and drinking in Cancun despite the dire state of the world might look bad! So they banned photographs during the "partying" bits of the event. A prankster told everyone he leaked a poolside photo to this very website and everyone got scared! But that turned out to be a joke. A happy ending! And so they all went cave-diving. The end. (Confidential to Caroline McCarthy and CNET editors: Gladwell's new self-help treatise is called Outliers. The Outsiders is an awesome S.E. Hinton book.) [CNET] Update: Hah, someone didn't like our use of that revealing boring photo! We grabbed that picture of a Summit Series participant engaging in tug-o-war while the world burned from the personal blog of Summit Series organizer Elliot Bisnow. It is so explosive and revealing that we promptly received a takedown notice from the photographer, James "L." Duggan. Sorry, James!