Though he may be hard to recognize when he's not brandishing two samurai swords, this is Mario Majorski, the man who hopped out of a red convertible and attempted to cut a swath through the Scientology Celebrity Centre yesterday in Los Angeles. TMZ has the mugshot from one of Majorski's earlier arrests in Oregon, and more information is coming to light about Majorski's complicated relationship with the religion, which he was once a member of:

Majorski was a church member and student at UCLA in 1993 when he and a classmate sued a psychiatry professor and the university. The professor, Louis West, now deceased, was an expert on brainwashing and an outspoken critic of Scientology, which he dismissed as a "pyramid scheme." Suits filed in state and federal court accused West of activities, including speeches to anti-cult groups, that transgressed the separation of church and state and interfered with Majorski's practice of religion. Both suits were dismissed, and court records indicate that Majorski's role was largely limited to providing his name as a plaintiff.

Majorski gave a quote about the matter to UCLA's Daily Bruin at the time, stating, "It is illegal and immoral for the University to provide tens of thousands of dollars of aid to West to try to destroy any religion. We intend to see that this is stopped." Records published in official Scientology magazines suggest that he had been taking courses at the church as early as 1990, and sleuths at Why We Protest have dug up some of his bankruptcy filings — as well as a TV movie where Scientology's own Jenna Elfman played a character named "Majorski." Normally, that would prompt us to dig up Elfman's immortal quote, "Have you raped a baby?" but we're going to back away, as a Google search for "Mario Majorski" ends with the statement, "In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at," then links to a child pornography complaint. Whatever's going on, our e-meters are tingling. Developing!