Isn't it so much easier when you just admit that you love trashy gossip and have left The Dubliners unread on your nightstand for months? After the jump, trash: which television co-hosts are getting on a little too well at work, stripper-sharing exes, a gal celeb caught spiking her water with vodka, and a well-known socialite with no money of her own who keeps spending her in-laws' cash.1.) "Which TV host has such good rapport with his fetching female co-host that his wife has correctly guessed they're having an affair?" [P6] 2.) "Which ex-couple - an actor and a model - still share some aspects of their sex life? Both are known to sleep with a fa mous Lower East Side topless dancer who has a reputation of never going home alone." [Page Six] 3.) "Which celebrity has been hiding her raging booze problem by slipping vodka into coffee cups and glasses of water?" [Mirror] 4.) "Which publicity-loving socialite has a set of parents-in-law who can't keep up with their bills? The upper East Side couple keep moving from apartment to apartment to avoid paying their obligations, including more than $30,000 in medical bills. One posh Park Avenue doctor ha seven hired a private investigator to track down the pair's current residence to get them to pay up. Their daughter-in-law still thinks they're flush with cash and, even though she doesn't have any income of her own, continues to spend, spend, spend." [NYDN]