Every so often one commenter serves the public body in singularly superb fashion. These comrades deserve recognition individually-a chance to come forward and take a bow. Today we honor commenter CodePink, who in her weird, warm, wise, and always funny way makes the days tick by just a little faster. Enjoy five of her best comments this week after the jump. Nobody does it better.

  • From Anna Wintour To New York Magazine: 'Just Go Away': "Ms. Wintour: 'Well, that's an interesting question; what's more interesting to me is if your mother cries every night because you turned out so ugly and stupid. Goodbye.'"
  • From On Stylista, The Fat Girl Is 'The Elephant In The Room': "Last time I went on a Fat Rampage, I pushed down shelves of canned ham at C-Town, shook 7 Up two liter bottles and opened them all at the same, and then threw poundcakes at children, all whilst snarling."
  • From The Next New Thing: The Next New Thing: "Here are some new things: mint flavored soda raspberry hamburgers computers that can fit in your eyeball! rainbow colored babies Kansastana marrying my aunt!"
  • From Why Aren't There Any Good Hoaxes Anymore?: "I one time went to the store to buy bananas but instead i bought apples and tried to make a banana split out of apples and everyone was like that's more like apple pie ala mode and i said no it's a banana split and then three people jumped off the roof because it messed them up so bad that idea. it was hoax!"
  • From Seriously, Why Even Bother Profiling Julia Allison?: "What I ask is this: why even bother bothering to bother being bothered by bothering?"

And many, many more. Congrats Pinkie!