With a pro-gay marriage governor in Albany, Democrats suddenly taking control of the entire New York state legislature, a liberal Democratic president, and Democratic majorities in both houses of congress, one might think this would be a good moment for the gays! One would be wrong. First, Governor Paterson backed off from supporting a gay marriage vote, partly because a bunch of Democratic Senators went rogue, and partly because of The Economy. The Economy is bad, so no gay marriage! Well. Now, President Barack Obama is putting the brakes on his crazy plan to end discrimination in the military. Because there is not "consensus." Obama did kinda promise to end "Don't Ask Don't Tell," the old Clinton compromise, while he was campaigning. Now that he's won, he knows that governing requires not doing what is ethically right but politically difficult. Or at least holding off on doing it. So, gays, look for your right to die for your country to be granted some time in 2010, as long as a special Pentagon committee and the Joint Chiefs of Staff all agree that your serving in uniform won't make the uniform all faggy and gross.

Mr. Sarvis said not to look for the debate to begin until late next year or 2010. "What's the reality for the new administration?" he said. "Financial crisis. Economic upheaval. Health care reform. Environmental challenges. Where does 'don't ask, don't tell' fall in all this? I would say it is not in the top five priorities of national issues."

Man, that darn economy! You just can't get anything completely unrelated to it done while it's sitting there cratering like that! (This is all according to the dodgy Washington Times, of course, and their sources are just some informal Obama advisors, so it is not actually really "news" in any way.)