Yesterday you guys figured out that the world famous band that's on the verge of a breakup was none other than that British hodgepodge of soaring balladeers known as Coldplay. What will wannabe artsy studio pictures use for their trailers?? Today we have a singer whose boyfriend pressures her into abortions, and a gold digging celebrity wife. 1) "This B- list R&B singer just had her second abortion that her A list producer/singer boyfriend made her get. He says he doesn't want anymore kids and that if she wants to be with him then she needs to stay childless. I don't know if she is on birth control or not. I just know the details of what happened. She did get a nice $200,000 piece of bling after the first abortion. No word on what she got after this most recent one." [CDaN] 2) "Which celebrity wife is leaving her celebrity husband because he can’t support her over-the-top lifestyle anymore? Her husband was a high flyer who provided her with multiple homes, cars, jewels and financial support for her own ventures. Now that he’s having money problems, she is looking to bail. He is begging her to stick out this tough period with him, but she has already told friends that she has her eye on a replacement." [BlindGossip]