In yet another sign that the entire media industry is completely Obama-dependent, the President-elect's magic touch is being felt in book sales. Obama's mere mention on Sunday's 60 Minutes that he was reading a book about FDR without "specifically naming a title or author," reports the New York Times, caused all hell to break loose. Which book could it be? Publishers have gone insane, re-printing FDR books that they'd published and scrambling to see if theirs was really the book that Obama had mentioned. He's being compared to the new Oprah for his new influence on the book-buying habits of middle America, which is normally hard-pressed to read the back of a cereal box. Can a Presidential Book Club be the bailout the book industry is looking for?

The publishers and authors of at least three such books that could fit Mr. Obama's description each spent much of Monday wondering whether they had just gotten a plug from the soon-to-be leader of the free world.

The actual books—Jonathan Alter's "The Defining Moment: F D R's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope" and "F.D.R" by Jean Edward Smith, have seen a big jump in their Amazon rankings already. Alter's book is #277 in all books and #2 in nonfiction politics, and Smith's book is now #459 in all books and #2 in biographies/memoirs. Even the book about FDR that Obama wasn't referring to, Anthony Badger's FDR: The First Hundred Days, has jumped to #838. More proof that the entire world is depending on Obama to save everything, including the book industry.