An ad currently running on Variety is promoting something called Carmen Meets Borat, a documentary about a Romanian girl whose life is thrown into upheaval when Sacha Baron Cohen and co. substitute her village for the title character's Kazakh hometown in Borat. We use the term "promoting" loosely, however, unless you consider "inviting a lawsuit by alerting Cohen to your existence" is promoting:

Sasha B. Cohen London Amsterdam 17th of November 2008 Please mister Borat, Will you come to the world premiere of Carmen meets Borat, so that we can discuss our film? [...] A nice town and accommodation will be provided.

Awww! The ad leads to the sales agent's Dutch-language Web site, but as the ad notes (and as the festival's site confirms), Carmen Meets Borat premieres next Sunday at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam — plenty of time for 20th Century Fox to draft a cease-and-desist note defending its Borat brand from the doc's portrait of "chaos," "Jealousy" and "suspicion," and hopefully enough time for Cohen to plot a way to introduce the scenario into Bruno. Does IDFA have a Fashion Week or Yes-on-8 component?