Entourage last night offered a fairly brisk half-hour that balanced the science fiction of Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Turtle displaying palpable screen chemistry with a fairly easier-to-swallow story involving Vinnie getting fired by a Wolfgang Petersen-type on the set of the extremely timely Smoke Jumpers. As Ari desperately tries to get the director replaced, loyal assistant/stapler target Lloyd runs through a list of names, offering only commode-demolishing Zack and Miri director Kevin Smith as being available. The suggestion tees up another Ari sledgehammer—we won't give it away except to say Red Velvet gluttony is involved—which elicited this reaction from Smith on his message board:

I know some folks just wanna get my back, but honestly - I'm fine. We're talking about a show set in a Hollywood so fictional that Ed Burns is a successful television producer (surprisingly, in the real world, Burns' brother is a writer on "Entourage"). We all know where the jabs are coming from (Vanilla [Entourage EP Rob] Weiss) as well as why they're being made: because Rob's still working out some issues he didn't cover in therapy... Regardless, "Entourage" is still a guilty pleasure for me (even with the shots taken). And, like I wrote above - it's a fair jab: I've been to Sprinkles many times (just had no clue Weiss was stalking me during those runs)

We're relieved the director is able to take such jabs (the third, according to one message board poster) in stride, admitting that as cheap Entourage shots go, at least Sprinkles is a baked goods purveyor he actually endorses—if you define "endorsement" as holding a Sprinkles Platinum Visa that allows him to cut the line and head straight to the counter to pick up his regular. (An assorted baker's dozen "with a extra side of lemon icing, just-a like da Mister Kevin he likes!").