Last week we jumped on the news that tiresome ladybusiness drama Lipstick Jungle had been canceled. We may have, heh, actually danced on its grave a little. But, it sounds like we were wrong! People from the three-business-ladies-make-sex-with-men-and-drink-and-talk show are now coming out and saying that the show is not over at all. Just ask the series's star, Brooke Shields:

We're so popular with DVR. We have such a following. The problem is people aren't watching it live and that affects advertisers and that means money. So, basically, they're just trying to figure out a way to reconcile our huge fanbase with advertisers and making sense for them financially.

Huge fanbase? Really? Brooke urges you send lipstick to NBC prez Jeff Zucker! You should! Because it would probably annoy him and it's the least he deserves for scooping out some graying pink muck from Candace Bushnell's Birkin brainbag and slopping it on our plates and telling us to eat up, dammit. Booke Shields Says Lipstick Jungle Isn't Dead Yet [New York Observer]