Across America today people are protesting the passage of California's Prop 8. The blame is flying as to who exactly caused Prop 8 to pass — African-Americans, Mormons, gay blacklash, Barney Frank, seniors, Barack Obama — but this movement is still united around the idea that homosexual couples deserve to get married just like the rest of us. Today's protests happened in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, among other cities. After the jump, a few great signs from the day.
The above pic was taken at the New York City protest, and is by Amelie McDonell-Parry. So was this one, and it's our truly joyous winner. Congratulations New York.

Gotta dig this outfit as snapped by Chicago flickr user mjkmjk:

Also from mjkmjk:

From Carles Frances' flickr in California, this one really hit home for me:

I know you saw better ones — break 'em out in the comments.