Alec Baldwin was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital early this morning. What happened? That's still unclear for the time being. Although whatever it was, it couldn't have been all that serious considering the hospital released him about an hour later. [People]
• Did John Edwards propose to Rielle Hunter the same day he finally fessed up to being the father of Hunter's 2-year-old baby? Are they now planning to move into a $3.5 million beachfront home where they'll live happily ever after? That's what the National Enquirer reported yesterday. And it's probably best not to doubt the tabloid when it comes to tawdry revelations about America's sleaziest politician. [NYP, P6]
John Mayer made a bunch of stupid comments in an interview with Playboy earlier this week. And he's been apologizing for them ever since. [Us, P6]
• A new season of Real Housewives of New York City returns in a couple of weeks and Kelly Bensimon is doing her damndest to remain front and center. She's got a new boyfriend (Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot, who split with his wife recently); and she'll soon appear nude in Playboy and says she prepared for the shoot by drinking Corona and eating chicken wings. [P6, Us]

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, Israeli model Bar Refaeli, was none too happy she lost out to Brooklyn Decker for the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue. Rafaeli "wouldn't even look up for photographers" and "walked right by fans" at the magazine's party the other night. How outrageous! [NYDN]
• Madonna and Jesus Luz haven't split up as some tabloids suggested last week. (They were spotted out to dinner in Rio de Janeiro the other night, with Madge looking drunk/stoned and a shirtless Jesus showing off a tattoo of his own name across his back.) So now the tabloids have invented a new tale and are suggesting Madonna's caught in a "love square" with Luz, A-Rod, and Carlos Leon, the father of her daughter Lourdes. [DM, The Sun]
Lindsay Lohan says Samantha Ronson did not beat her up recently, which is nice to hear, isn't it? Thought so. [People]
Tiger Woods is out of sex rehab and attempting to fix what's left of his marriage. But mistress No. 2 Jaimee Grubbs is still talking. In a TV interview, Grubbs said Tiger is very "manipulative" and "good at playing the person you want him to be." But you probably already knew that. [NYP]
• In new legal documents, Levi Johnston agreed to hand over 20 percent of his income from 2009 to Bristol Palin, although he wasn't totally clear how much that would amount to. He did say, though, that he didn't think he'd be able to afford the $1,750 Bristol requested in child support each month. Fortunately, those $100K speeches her mom has been giving should be able to pay for diapers. [TMZ, Radar]
• Now that he's completely broke, Jon Gosselin is reportedly in talks with ex-wife Kate and TLC to give them permission to put his kids back on camera, provided the network drops its breach of contract lawsuit against him. Cross your fingers that none of this happens. [Fox411, NYDN]
• Apparently unsure of what to buy the guy who has everything, Angelina Jolie reportedly got Brad Pitt a $30,000 olive tree for Valentine's Day. [S'Spy]
Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino created a video message in which he apologized for missing Yale's "Kiss Away Cancer Date Auction" yesterday. He explained that his flight had been grounded in LA because of the blizzard on the East coast. But he vowed that if they raise $4,000, he'll do "whatever it takes to get out there in the next couple of months." [TMZ]
• Want to see the inside of Scarlett Johansson's house? It's for sale for $4.995 million if you're interested. [Real Estalker]
• Does John Travolta wear some sort of mesh hairpiece? Looks like it. [Sun]
• First, she wore heels. Now, Suri Cruise is wearing lipstick. Is it too much to ask that Tom and Katie allow her to appear TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras? [Us]