Imagine acting in a film opposite Ellen Page; every day on set must be a bundle of Diablo Cody-scripted larfs, right? According to Marcia Gay Harden, not so much! Harden and her daughter play members of Page's family in Drew Barrymore's upcoming directorial debut Whip It!, and both told MTV that the Juno actress simply would not submit to their months-long campaign of laugh harassment:

Harden told us that Page stayed in character during much of the shoot, even when they would try to crack her up by singing Whitney Houston songs. “Ellen’s a serious girl,” she said. “She’s an absolute doll, but she’s a serious doll.” “She’s really nice,” said Eulala Scheel, Harden’s ten-year-old daughter who plays Ellen’s sister in the film. “But she’s hard to be around, because she really likes to eat healthy, so I wouldn’t know what I could eat in front of her at craft services. She doesn’t laugh a lot. But one day I had my hair up in spikes, and that was funny, so she laughed at that.”

So the girl's deadpan — so what? You'd clam up too if you had Marcia Gay Harden constantly thrusting a sloppy joe from craft services into your hand with the commandment, "Hamburger phone scene. Take it from 'It's not a food baby.' Go!"