Alex Rodriguez's plan to bed every woman in Hollywood continues apace. The Yankee and Cameron Diaz are now hooking up, according to OK!, although now that the news is out, he's probably already moved on to someone new. Which is too bad, really, since RodDiaz has a nice ring to it. [OK!]
• Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter yesterday. (He pleaded not guilty and faces up to four years behind bars if convicted.) At the arraignment, prosecutors asked that Murray's medical license be revoked, but a judge turned down the request, so if you've been wondering what it's like to get pumped up with propofol, you still have time. [NYP, TMZ]
• It's been a busy week for Angelina Jolie. Yesterday she and Brad Pitt said they plan to sue Britain's News of the World for reporting that they're planning to divorce. And today she's off to Haiti to meet with earthquake victims, since they've been requesting her help—or so she says. [Us, PE]
• She may have spent every episode of Jersey Shore whining about not having a boyfriend, but Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi seems to have landed the man of her dreams: a "typical guido juicehead with a good personality," who also has waxed eyebrows, double-pierced ears, and a penchant for Ed Hardy. [NYDN]
• Despite recent reports that Donald and Melania Trump are having marriage troubles, The Donald says "all is well." Then again he said the same thing when his casinos were going bankrupt and his real estate holdings were imploding, so you may want to take his denial with a grain of salt. [People]

Charlie Sheen was charged with felony menacing, third-degree assault and criminal mischief yesterday in the alleged Christmas Day attack on his wife, Brooke Mueller. The judge dropped the restraining order barring Sheen and Mueller from having contact with one another, though, so the couple got a chance to hug and kiss after the hearing was over. [NYDN, TMZ]
• Supermodel Naomi Campbell is still dating her Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vlad Doronin, despite the fact that he lives with his wife and teenage daughter when he's in London. Then again, the dude reportedly bought Naomi an $18 million penthouse in Rio de Janeiro and flies her everywhere on her plane, so it's probably no surprise she's sticking with him. [P6]
• Despite the rumors that Gossip Girl co-stars and real-life BF/GF Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have broken up, they were spotted "making out like crazy" at a Super Bowl party. [P6]
• Gerard Butler is probably hooking up with Jennifer Aniston, but when he headed to Mexico to celebrate Jen's 41st birthday last weekend, she had him stay in a separate villa. That should keep the rumormongers at bay! [P6]
• Beyonce may have a new stepsister. Mathew Knowles' alleged mistress, Alexsandra Wright, had a baby boy last week, although Knowles' rep says the "rumors" about him being the baby's father are untrue. [TMZ]
• Elin Nordegren is giving Tiger Woods six months to prove that he can be faithful, according to a British tabloid. Until then, she's supposedly locked her wedding ring in a safe and "will only put it back on her finger when she has made up her mind what the future holds." [Mirror, NYP]
• A puffy-lipped Rachel Uchitel sat down with Mario Lopez of Extra to talk about her terribly interesting life. In case you weren't aware, she attended Nightingale in Manhattan, which she says is either the school in Gossip Girl or Mean Girls. One or the other. [Extra]
• The president of CNBC, Mark Hoffman, has quite the bar mitzvah planned for his son. He had Brian Williams, Derek Jeter, and Jim Cramer all take part in a video that Hoffman commissioned for the occasion, which presumably means guests will get to hear "Boo-ya" repeated over and over again when they show up at the event. [P6]
Anne Hathaway's armpit appears to have been photoshopped on the March cover of British GQ. Scandal! [Jezebel]
Gary Coleman pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal mischief yesterday, which stems from a domestic dispute he had with his wife, Shannon Price, last spring. The Diff'rnt Strokes star has had to deal with a kidney condition, heart surgery, and pneumonia in recent years, and he's had a really tough time finding work, too. Here's hoping Mickey Rourke's manager gets in touch with him ASAP and helps him turn everything around. [NYDN, TMZ]
• Either Bradley Cooper got a bad spray tan, or he needs to fire his makeup artist immediately. [DM]
Jimmy Kimmel dated Sarah Silverman for years and never once took a moment to pay her a compliment, she says. Ass. [PopEater]
• New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and The Hills' Kristin Cavallari seem to be hooking up. Or at least they left a party together Saturday night. One or the other. [NYDN]
• Did you see Kate Gosselin's new hair style? It only took 20 hours to do. [People]
• Word to the wise: If you're married to a closeted gay man, it probably isn't the best idea to discuss your marriage at length. It only makes things more awkward. [P6]
Andy Roddick's model wife, 22-year-old Brooklyn Decker, appears on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. But she probably could have used a little extra help putting her suit on, since her top seems to have fallen off. [People]
• Nelly's bodyguards got into a little altercation with bouncers at a club in Miami over the weekend. The rapper tried to break up the fight, but got punched in the face for his effort to be the Good Samaritan. [P6]
Lindsay Lohan's lips have been looking a little funny recently, which has some people suggesting she had lip injections of some sort. LiLo took to Twitter yesterday to deny the scars are from a needle. So you can probably assume it's just herpes until you hear otherwise. [Us]