Breathy, doubletalking word-stringer Peggy Noonan knows how to explain the import and danger of Obamamania out to simple Americans: with football metaphors. Though she herself obviously doesn't watch football. "if he fumbles at this high-stakes time, more than a game is lost," she notes. "If Mr. Obama doesn't catch the pass and cross the goal line, it will mean this election marked a moment, not a movement." Are you feeling her, Red State middle Americans? She's speaking to you in a plebeian language you can understand. Try this: "There is joy to be had in being out of power. You don't have to defend stupid decisions anymore." See the benefit of having the black football fella win is that you can talk bad about him straight out, not just when you think your microphone is turned off. Peggy Noonan is morally and intellectually bankrupt. [WSJ]