• Lots of celebs turned out for the Super Bowl in Miami. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were there (and were spotted "kissing, hugging and laughing," so if you were worried that they'd broken up, you can rest easy). Also on hand was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (who were chased by photographers), Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and John Travolta, who couldn't even be bothered to stay for the entire game. [DM, The Sun, Popeater]

• Is the cast of Jersey Shore getting a little overexposed? Just a little! MTV is now looking to clamp down on their efforts to "pimp themselves" at bars and colleges around the country and has informed them that they're each limited to two appearances a week and need permission from the network before accepting any gigs. [P6, NYDN]

• In other Jersey Shore news, Jenni "JWoww" Farley is planning to "enhance" her ginormous fake boobs "as soon as possible to be ready for the new season," you'll be pleased to hear. [P6]

• Further evidence that Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are dating: He flew down to Mexico to celebrate Aniston's 41st birthday—along with Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Sheryl Crow—and Jen was seen "pranc[ing] around her waterfront villa in a two-piece." Make of that what you will. [People, Sun]

• Will Tiger Woods make his grand return to golf on March 22? That's what some "sources" are saying. [TMZ]

Charlie Sheen is expected to be charged with a felony today for allegedly pulling a knife on his wife on Christmas Day. (He's expected to strike a plea bargain and avoid prison time.) Meanwhile, Sheen's car was driven/fell off a cliff in LA on Friday, although it wasn't Sheen's fault since his car had been stolen. "It was nice to have police come to my house and for once I didn't have to leave with them," said Sheen. [TMZ, People]

• Michael Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is supposedly set to be arraigned tomorrow and is expected to plead not guilty, although given this was all supposed to happen last week, you may not want to hold your breath. In related news, Murray visited Jackson's tomb last week to meditate, which is pretty sad/strange. [TMZ, TMZ]

Beyoncé recently fell on stage during a concert in Brazil, but she transitioned her fall into an interesting crouching bounce move, so it was hard to tell whether she'd fallen at all. [DM]

• Break out a tissue: Heidi Montag says she's still "very fragile" and "not in a great place right now" after her gazillion plastic surgery procedures 11 weeks ago. [People]

• Is "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis going to run for Governor? GOP strategist Roger Stone says her candidacy is "not a hoax, a prank, or a publicity stunt," and Davis supposedly has a bunch of key supporters lined up, like 50 Cent and several of Davis' former clients. Of course, this is all being written about in the Daily News, which has been obsessed with everything Kirsten Davis-related for more than year now. [NYDN]

• Just in case it wasn't clear by now that Sarah Palin is the biggest hypocrite/fraud on the American political scene, here's further proof: She spoke at the Tea Party Convention over the weekend and mocked President Obama for his use of a teleprompter, even though she clearly had crib notes written on her hand. [HuffPo]

Courtney Love isn't too impressed with Lady Gaga, in case her opinion matters to you: "I don't think her music is that compelling," Love said. [Us]

• A-Rod and Derek Jeter dined at the same restaurant in Miami the other night, but "there was literally no interaction between" the, which is either because they were seated across the room from each other and didn't know the other one was there; or because they hate each other. Take your pick. [NYDN]

Levi Johnston's anti-climactic Playboy cover has been released. [People]

• A maid for Andres Santo Domingo and Lauren Santo Domingo says that their English bulldog took a chunk out of her thigh, and now she's suing them. The Santo Domingos say this all happened three years ago, wasn't a big deal, and the couple paid all the medical bills. [NYP]

• What's Chelsea Clinton going to wear for her wedding this summer? She hasn't decided yet. So sorry to disappoint you. [People]

• Remember Carrie Prejean? (Yeah, we've been trying to forget her too.) Anyway, she's engaged to football player Kyle Boller, in case you're wondering. [PopEater]

Miley Cyrus has organized a celebrity online auction on Ebay, which is set to kick off today. And no, it's not celebrities themselves being auctioned off; it's just stuff that they've donated. [People]

• One of Keira Knightley's five stalkers was arrested outside a London theater where she was performing on Thursday night. He was charged with harassment. [NYDN]

Private Practice actress Kate Walsh and her ex-husband, Alex Young, were only married for a little over a year, and now they're doing what any couple would do to divide up their assets. They're flipping a coin to decide who gets first pick. [E!]

• Andrew Shue—that guy who used to be on Melrose Place—married NBC anchor Amy Robach over the weekend. [NYDN]

Jamie Lynn Spears is following in dysfunctional family tradition: She's ditched her baby daddy Casey Aldridge for a Louisiana businessman 10 years her senior. [People]

Dancing With the Stars contestant and NFL commentator Warren Sapp was arrested over the weekend on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence against his girlfriend. [TMZ, Us]

• If you watched the Super Bowl and were too drunk/preoccupied to watch the commercials, here's what you missed. [NYT, AdAge]