Remember when the music industry said MP3s on the Internet were going to destroy music? Here's an inside glimpse at how much things have changed since Napster. Today, publicists contact me to try to arrange stories about songs their clients have intentionally "leaked" onto the Internet. American Idol David Cook is the latest in a long line. David, I love your act, but next time bypass the "mobile-only social network" and upload yourself straight to YouTube. Here's the pitch, minus the name of the hanger-on tech company trying to ride along with Cook's fame:

From: Andrea Boone Date: November 14, 2008 9:07:06 AM PST To: Subject: Music-mobile partnership serves up industry artists Hi Paul...MySpace has given millions of users the inside scoop on hot new artists and the next big single. But interest has plummeted, and with the cell overtaking the computer as a user’s ‘first screen’, the mobile industry is the next promotional frontier. SRC Records found the solution in a unique music-mobile partnership with mobile-only social networking site, [REDACTED]. [REDACTED], the largest mobile social network in the US and third most trafficked site on the web, turns a user’s cell phone into the only source for exclusive unreleased demo tracks and interviews by Def Jam artists. Holed up in a tiny NYC hotel room with a video camera, [REDACTED] asks the artists questions keyed in by members from their cell and streams the interview to chat rooms and the site. Love it? Hate it? Users key in feedback- the power to ultimately determine if or how the song is released. Today—American Idol David Cook has ‘leaked’ one of his tracks for his album slated for release on the 18th— Do you have time to do a quick call? Thanks, Andrea ——————————————————————- Andrea Boone| Account Executive| SSPR

(photo by AP/Jason DeCrow)