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• Have Madonna and Jesus Luz gone their separate ways? That's what report today indicates, suggesting it was the couple's "overall lack of mutual interests" that caused the split and it was Luz who called things off. [CST]
• Rip Torn appeared in court yesterday and was formally charged with trespassing, burglary, and possessing a firearm following his arrest over the weekend for breaking into a bank because he thought it was his own house. In all fairness, though, Torn was in rural Connecticut and the "bank" is located in a two-story colonial, so this could have been a mistake that anyone could have made, no? Maybe not. Either way, Torn is now headed to rehab upstate. [NYP, NYDN, TMZ]
• Charlize Theron recently split up with her longtime partner, Stuart Townsend, but she may already have a new man in her life: Theron was spotted in LA last week on what appeared to be a date. [P6]
• Haven't the people of Haiti suffered enough? Hot on the heels of John Travolta's trip to the devastated nation to spread Scientology to the masses and now Michael Lohan and Kate Major say they, too, are planning to head to Haiti to "help" quake victims. [Radar]

Jersey Shore is coming back for another season and, not surprisingly, the Italian-American groups that criticized MTV the first time around for airing the show aren't exactly pumping their fists in the air about the development. In related news, it's possible that season two will be filmed overseas, so that should do wonders for America's reputation. [Us, TMZ]
• Jenni "J-Woww" Farley isn't the only member of the Jersey Shore cast who posed for nude pics once upon a time. Frighteningly, photos and video of a naked Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki) are now being shopped around to tabloids, too. [Radar]
• Has Lindsay Lohan reunited with Sam Ronson? Let's hope not! [TMZ]
• Andrew Young, the former aide to John Edwards who just penned a tell-all about his former boss, says he still has the sex tape featuring Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Young says he has no plans to sell it and only kept it in case he had to back up the allegations contained in his book, but Hunter has filed court papers to force Young to return the tape. [NYP]
• Just about every singer in Hollywood gathered yesterday to record "We Are the World," which will go to benefit victims of the Haiti earthquake. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have Celine Dion and T-Pain perform together, well, you'll get the chance to find out soon enough. [Us]
• Prince Harry took a tumble off a horse during a polo match in Barbados on Sunday. He wasn't injured, thankfully, but he did throw a mini-temper tantrum afterward. [NYDN]
• Those rumors that Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger got engaged? According to Cooper, they're "totally not true," "so crazy," and "nuts." [Us]
Anna Wintour may be coming to the little screen this fall: The organizers of Fashion's Night Out are reportedly in discussions to televise the shopping extravaganza next next time around. [P6]
• Conan O'Brien's stage crew didn't get anything out of Conan's settlement agreement with NBC, so now Conan is reportedly paying about 50 people out of his own pocket and giving them six weeks of severance. [TMZ]
• Is there a musty old sex tape out there featuring Jennifer Lopez and Diddy? That's what Ojani Noa, J.Lo's ex-husband, is now claiming as he battles with the pop star over whether he can release a video of the couple from 1997. [P6]
• Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor—who play gay lovers in an upcoming movie—made out for the cameras while in Paris to promote the movie. McGregor kept one eye open during the lip-lock, but Carrey seemed pretty into it. Jenny McCarthy may want to be careful. [Radar]
• Jessica Simpson has been spending lots of time at a hospital visiting her sick grandmother. She's also been spending lots of time prowling for "hot doctors" while she's there, apparently. [People]
• Victoria Beckham is a totally normal working mom, who fixes lunch for her kids and takes them to school. Just as you could have guessed. [DM]
• Matthew Fox said he plans to quit television now that Lost is coming to an end. [Us]
Gisele Bundchen said that she didn't bother wearing maternity clothes during her pregnancy because, basically, you don't have to when you're a skinny supermodel. And now you have another reason to hate her. [People]
• Kate Moss takes off her clothes for the new issue of LOVE magazine. Fortunately, her modesty is protected by a few strategic pen marks. [Sun]
• Academy Award nominations were announced this morning. Click through to see the full list of nominees. [MSNBC]