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Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show has finished shooting. So, naturally, her "relationship" with former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis has come to an end, too. She's reportedly on the hunt for a new boyfriend, though, so if you know someone who'd a good match for the fame-obsessed socialite, do get in touch. [P6]
• Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie planted those breakup rumors because it's Oscar season, they haven't been nominated for anything, and they wanted to make sure they remained in the spotlight? Anything's possible, right? [E!, NYDN]
Padma Lakshmi is due to give birth next month, but she's still isn't revealing who the baby daddy is. Could it be on-again, off-again boyfriend and billionaire financier Teddy Forstmann? Or on-again, off-again boyfriend and venture capitalist Adam Dell, the younger brother of computer mogul Michael Dell? The mystery continues! [P6]
• Here's a sign of the apocalypse: Will Smith is thinking about running for president. (Yes, President of the United States.) [Popeater]

Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her son Benjamin at home in the bathtub, not at a Boston hospital, as had been reported previously. No word on whether Tom Brady was present for the joyous occasion—or whether he was just totally grossed out. [Us]
• Chelsea Handler recently split up with her boyfriend (and boss) Ted Harbert, the dude who runs E! And it looks like poor Harbert isn't taking it well: He was seen drowning his sorrows at the bar at the Tribeca Grand, "complaining to everyone and anyone who would listen." Making matters more awkward: Handler's new book, which comes out next month, discusses their relationship at length and suggests they'll be together forever. [NYDN]
• Michael Lohan was arrested yesterday for calling his ex-girlfriend, Erin Muller, which is a violation of the restraining order she has against him. You'd think he would've learned his lesson by now—this is the third time he's been arrested for letting his fingers do the walking—but more importantly, doesn't he have any friends who can confiscate his phone when he's getting antsy to call her? Oh, right. Probably not. [NYP, TMZ]
• John Travolta went to Haiti earlier this week to deliver food and spread the message of Scientology. He says it was all very fulfilling, you'll be pleased to hear. [People]
• Stars continue to contribute cash to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Nicole Kidman gave $250,000; and Gerard Butler, Sean Penn, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Daniel Craig each gave $50,000. [P6]
• Is Victoria Beckham suffering from body dysmorphic disorder? It would appear so, since she seems to think she's the same size as Jennifer Lopez. [NYM]
• Speaking of delusional thinking, Nicole Richie claims she never had an eating disorder and thinks all those reports were "insulting and irresponsible." [DM]
• Escort-turned-sex columnist Ashley Dupre has been hanging out at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. But it's not because she's planning to pose for the magazine. She's just there to attend a few Grammy parties, for your information. [P6]
• British guitarist Pete Townshend will be performing with The Who at the Super Bowl halftime show. But since he's a registered sex offender—he was busted for ordering child porn off the Internet in 2003—a community group has been distributing fliers warning area residents of his presence. [NYP]
• Despite the fact that Rihanna has been photographed frolicking on the beach with baseball player Matt Kemp, she says she's still "single" and plans to attend this weekend's Grammy's solo. [Us]
• Interested in seeing pics of Matthew McConaughey's new baby? Today's your lucky day. [People]
• Renee Zellweger went to go visit her boyfriend Bradley Cooper at his new house, and while she was sitting in her car outside waiting for him, an elderly woman clipped Zellweger's side door and mirror. Renee wasn't injured in the incident, you'll be happy to hear. And she even hugged the shaken old lady to console her. [TMZ, DM]