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Hundreds of celebs turned out on Friday evening to take part in George Clooney's "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon. But a few non-celebs were in the studio, too, including pharmaceutical billionaire (and noted sunglasses enthusiast) Stewart Rahr, aka "Stewie Rah Rah, the #1 King of All Fun":

Per an email his rep sent out on Saturday, which was accompanied by a couple of pics (below):

Dear Friend of Stewart,

Stewart was honored and blessed to attend a very exclusive charity event last night to help the people of Haiti as viewed by over a billion people on every channel.

However, last night's venue was not the appropriate place for Stewart to make his substantial donation. He did do it in a private setting surrounded and witnessed by George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Ringo Star, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Mohammad Ali, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Cindy Crawford, Robert Dinero, Charlize Theron, Jeremy Pivens, Adam Sandler, Sheryl Crow, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, as well as one hundred other top entertainers in the music, movie and television industry.

In today's New York Post, LA edition, on page 11, in the picture of Justin Timberlake manning the phone banks you can see Stewart in the background answering the phones.(Stewart is under the number 1 of the telephone number for the Haiti Relief Fund.)

Stewart was the only individual that was permitted inside the closed studio where the event took place last night who wasn't an entertainer.

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.