The annual War Against Christmas is starting again! This is the time of year when secular humanists and other assorted anti-American forces do various things to undermine Jesus, such as asking for the term "Holiday party" to be substituted for "Christmas party," and requesting that Jews, Muslims, and members of other blasphemous religions be "included" in things. But this year it's even worse, because some atheists have started a public ad campaign designed to destroy God! Fox News is taking this threat very seriously:

"WASHINGTON, D.C. — You better watch out. There is a new combatant in the Christmas wars."

Lock and load, Christian soldiers! The American Humanist Association is putting ads proclaiming that there is no god on buses in DC, right where children can see. And a black man seems to be involved. This proves that Obama is the Antichrist.

[via Adfreak]