The View is the strangest show ever. This morning old Barbara Walters joined Elisabeth, Sherri, and Whoopi for a chat about Thomas Beatie, that sorta fame-hungry female-to-male transsexual who gave birth to a child five months ago. And she gushingly revealed that the fellow is pregnant again! Watch as Sherri Shepherd's mind is blown to the four corners of this flat Earth of ours. Squirm as Elisabeth Hasselbeck tries to act as with-it and progressive as possible while all she clearly wants to do is throw up and weepily call her bestie Sarah Palin on the phone to tell her what freaks weirdos can be. And then feel bad for everyone because the whole stunned affair just reeks of circus side show and, as jarring (yes, I admit it) as the whole story is, the man and his family deserve far better. Clip is above.