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Potential Senate candidate Harold Ford looked a little out of touch last week when he recounted his typical mode of transporation (a chauffered Town Car), usual breakfast spot (the Regency), favorite "hangout" (Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn), and namedropped some of the people he considers his close friends (like billionaire Ron Perelman).

But he has an explanation for one other detail he was foolish enough to mention last week, namely his fondness for regular pedicures:

As for the pedicures, the Ford camp says he gets foot scrubs, not pedicures, because of severe athletes' foot. More to the point, Ford said: "This race isn't about feet, it's about issues.

Then again, he wasn't prepared to delve into those either. His interview with the Daily News was "granted under the condition that the questions be limited to his rationale for running, and not issues."

Harold Ford, mulling NY Senate run, says Kirsten Gillibrand is 'weak' [NYDN]