THR reports NBC has canceled both Christian Slater amnesiac secret agent show My Own Worst Enemy, as well as Lipstick Jungle, in which Brooke Shields leads a troop of cosmetic assassins down the Nung River to eliminate the AWOL and believed-insane Colonel Mary Kay:

The cancellation comes after both shows dropped to new lows in the ratings in recent weeks, with the Christian Slater action series sinking to a 1.8 among adults 18-49 (4.3 million viewers) on Monday night and "Lipstick" falling to a 1.2 (3.3 million viewers) on Friday.

Some of the blame for Enemy is being directed at Heroes, a lead-in that's been quickly losing viewership as it gradually dawns on fans that it always sucked. One online source is reporting that both series will finish their runs, with Enemy's last episode airing December 15, the same date as the Heroes "fall finale." Lipstick, meanwhile, will run to January, when it will be replaced by new episodes of Friday Night Lights—the cult football favorite breaking itself free from the DirecTV tyranny that has hoarded new episodes until now.