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• Lady Gaga collapsed in her dressing room last night just before she was set to perform at Purdue University. Paramedics were called and she reported she was "feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing," and the concert had to be canceled. But she's okay today and has since apologized to her "little monsters" (fans) on Twitter, so everything is cool now. [Sun, MTV]
• Lindsay Lohan hung out with Jersey Shore's Paul "DJ Pauly D" Devecchio and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino at a club in LA the other night. If you, too, want to fist-pump with Pauly, you can: He'll be DJing at a Midtown baron Jan. 23, and the cover is only $10. [Us, NYP]
• George Clooney is hosting a telethon next week to raise funds for Haiti. Other celebs pitching in to help: Gisele Bundchen has pledged $1.5 million with husband Tom Brady; Madonna says she's good for $250K; and David Blaine is performing for three days in Times Square as part of a fundraiser for the Red Cross. [Us, NYDN, People]

• A sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan may be on the way. Actually, it's not really a sex tape. It's only 47seconds long, so it's more of a "sex clip." And it may not exist at all, according to Lohan. [DM, E!]
• Leona Lewis has had a bad string of luck lately. Just months after she was punched in the face by a fan at a book signing, she got caught up in the middle of a high-speed police chase the other day while on a Starbucks run in Los Angeles. "Thugs waving handguns ran toward her car," and her manager was accidentally knocked to the ground by police during the commotion. But Leona wasn't hurt, so that's good news. [DM]
• Erica Wang—the former fiancee of celeb chef Todd English, who allegedly beat him with a wristwatch—got off easy in court yesterday. A judge said the charges against her would be dropped if she attended six months of anger management classes, does 10 days of community service, and adheres to the restraining order against her. [NYP, NYDN]
• Tila Tequila's poor publicist quit yesterday. Naturally, that didn't slow Tequila for a second. She now says that she totally knows what caused Casey Johnson's death. (It was her diabetes combined with sleeping pills.) And she also told reporters that she's in so much pain, she "screams out at night" for Johnson. [NYDN, TMZ, Us]
• Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli model and and off-and-on girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, could be in some trouble. It seems she may have dodged Israel's draft by getting married to a friend and then divorced right after. [NYP]
• Did Simon Cowell get offered $100 million to stay on American Idol? That's what some sources are claiming, although if he did get offered that kind of money and turned it down, we'd be concerned for his mental well-being. [P6]
Susan Sarandon was spotted out and about with her boy toy this week. [People]
• Courtney Love took to her new Twitter account (she quit her first one in October) and threatened to sue her late husband Kurt Cobain's mother and sister for custody of her daughter Frances Bean. Oh, and in case you're wondering, she had this to say at the end of the rant: "no I am not on drugs btw." [People]
• If you don't want to actually invest the money to go out and buy a copy of People magazine to see Heidi Montag's new post-plastic surgery tranny look, you can view the before and after pics here. [Gawker]
Padma Lakshmi still isn't revealing who the father of her baby is. But she is willing to say she plans to give him/her an Indian name, if that information is of any interest to you. [People]
• Kate Gosselin hates her hair extensions and thinks they make her look like of Tiger Woods' "bimbos," a "source" tells Us Weekly. Think this story has something to do with the fact it was arch-enemy People magazine that paid for Gosselin's extensions and put her on its cover last week? [Us]
• Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice—Teresa Giudice's husband on Real Housewives of New Jersey—was charged with DUI after crashing his car into a telephone pole. [People]
Anne Hathaway will receive Harvard's Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year, in case you care. Which you probably don't. [People]
• One other thing you probably don't care about: seeing lots of photos of Kourtney Kardashian's new baby. [Us]
• It must be a slow news day at the National Enquirer: "Brad & Angelina: It's Over!" [Nat'l Enquirer]