What's the point of having a "Climate Czar" if it won't be Al Gore? The rich and chunky Tennessean has taken himself out of the running for the made-up position in Obama's cabinet, meaning it will probably go to some dead-ender ex-governor who never even won an Academy Award. Is this the beginning of the end of Obama's alleged "Celebrity Cabinet" plan? We're going to say yes, and thank god for that. Remember a couple of days ago when that flowchart of unknown provenance came out that allegedly showed the frontrunners for all the cabinet positions, and they were all like political superstars? But then Colin Powell took himself out of the running for the Secretary of Education, and Gore is out, and do people really want RFK, Jr. running the Environmental Protection Agency? If you're going that route, why not Captain Planet? Why not Aquaman? Other bad-idea frontrunners on that chart: Screamin' Howard Dean for Health and Human Services, Smilin' Bill Richardson for Dept. of the Interior, and NYC police head Ray Kelly for Homeland Security. It's like the lineup of ABC's Sunday morning talk show! Also John Kerry and Chuck Hagel and Tom Daschle and every other politician that any significant portion of Americans have heard of is on that list. Barack Obama doesn't need a celebrity cabinet. He's the celebrity. Any further political celebrities require air, water, and attention that should be reserved for Barack Obama and his lovely family and a dog to be named later. [Pic via MSNBC]