Yesterday you guys concluded that the sad lady who desperately tried to keep her reality show on the air was Denise Richards. Which I think is exactly right. So, well done all. Today we have a tween star with a secret heroin problem, a new mother who's doing drugs and drinking on the sly, and a performer who made up a scandal to get more famous (it didn't work.) 1) "Some very odd behavior from this tween star. And I do use the term tween star. Outside of the tween world probably B- list, but in the tween world and A lister for sure. All of the missed interviews, plane flights, and screaming fits and repeated bouts of the flu over the past few weeks make a lot more sense when you realize that our little tweener has a big problem with heroin. A big problem as in trips away from LA have been a real challenge and has made life miserable for everyone she encounters. With no steady supply our actress has been getting worse and worse. A quiet "vacation" is no doubt in the works in the very near future." [CDaN] 2) "Which new mom is having a little too much fun when her baby's dad is out of town? Booze and coke aren't quite the best diet for someone who is still breastfeeding." [Star] 3) "This young performer deserves a smack upside the head. She manufactured a scandal that has been known to gain "exposure" for other young stars. She cried big fat alligator tears about how someone was out to ruin her. It was all actually a publicity stunt staged by her to jumpstart her negligible career. Looks like the girl will have to marry her boyfriend with the famous name to generate publicity." [BlindGossip]