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• Those rumors about Tiger Woods in rehab have returned. According to People, Woods checked into a sex rehab clinic around New Year's and will be there until "Valentine's Day or thereabouts." (Perfect timing!) As for his estranged wife, Elin Nordegren, she's moved into a new home that's just a couple of miles from the gated community where she used to live with Woods. [People, TMZ, NYDN]
• Have Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split up? That's what some people are saying, since she spent the last week climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro while he was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And couples that are really in love would never spend a moment apart, would they? Didn't think so. [Radar]
• The Post reported a few days ago that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have made plans to get married in November. Naturally, this had led the Daily News to report today that the story is totally untrue and the couple hasn't even discussed getting engaged, at least according to one of Minka's friends. [NYDN]
Forbes released its list of Hollywood's "top-earning couples" yesterday. The winner? That would be Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who reeled in $122 million last year, or more than double what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt collected. Possibly related: Beyoncé said yesterday that she plans to take a "hiatus" from singing so she can "live life." Which is what you'd do, too, if you made nine figures over the last 12 months. [Forbes, NYDN]
• The Conan-Leno mess is bad news for NBC. But it's also made late-night TV sorta watchable again, which is nice. [Gawker]

• Casey Johnson was buried at her family's estate in New Jersey yesterday. What caused her death, though, is still an open question. Johnson's death certificate, which magically materialized on TMZ yesterday, lists the cause of death as "deferred," which means no one will really know anything until the toxicology tests are completed. [TMZ, Us]
• In separate and totally unrelated Johnson family news, Libet Johnson, Casey's aunt, goes to court today to seek custody of the Cambodian boy she adopted seven years ago with her boyfriend at the time, Dr. Lionel Bissoon. Johnson and Bissoon split in 2005 and have been fighting over the kid ever since. [P6]
Susan Sarandon hasn't acknowledged she's dating 31-year-old ping-pong entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin. But she isn't necessarily trying to hide the relationship either. She stopped by their fave place in town—the ping-pong club that Bricklin runs and Sarandon co-owns—on Monday. [P6]
• Did you know that Rachel Uchitel (aka Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1) is now a "celebrity socialite"? We didn't either, but apparently that's how she described herself on the invite for her upcoming 35th birthday party. [P6]
• Remember that paparazzo who claimed he was going to sue the pants off of Lindsay Lohan after her driver nicked him with LiLo's car? He may have an uphill battle ahead of him. The cops have concluded that it wasn't a case of attempted assault, after all. [TMZ]
• "Tardy for the Party" may have been the first song to come out of the Real Housewives franchise. But now there are two more (soon to be classic!) tunes that you can add to your playlist: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the NYC edition of the show has put out a song "Money Can't Buy Class." And Orange County's Gretchen Rossi has released "Nothing Without You," which is about her late sugar daddy. [Us, E!]
• You've been waiting on the edge of your seat for this bit of news. And now you can breathe a sigh of relief. The investigation into claims magician David Copperfield raped a woman in 2007 has been dropped. [MSNBC]
• Courtney Love lost custody of her daughter last month, prompting speculation that she'd had a drug relapse. Yesterday, Courtney went out and had a big bunch of flowers tattooed all over her body. She then posted pics of the new body art to Twitter, which was sweet of her, but may not do much to bolster her case that she's the world's most responsible mom. [DM]
• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be skipping this Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, so there won't be any awkward run-ins for Jennifer Aniston, you'll be happy to hear. [NYDN]
Ivana Trump's column in the crappy supermarket tabloid Globe is no more. And it's all because of her meltdown on a Delta flight a couple of weeks ago, apparently. [Page2Live]
• The guy who punched Snooki of MTV's Jersey Shore in the face on a recent episode has been fired from his job as a Queens high school gym teacher. In related (but not very surprising) news, Snooki appears to be a big Dunkin' Donuts fan. [NYP, P6]
• Dating George Clooney has its advantages, clearly. Elisabetta Canalis is the new star of Roberto Cavalli's new underwear campaign. [DM]
• Heidi Montag's debut album, Superficial, has finally dropped! Head over to iTunes asap if you'd like to hear lyrics such as, "Come eat my panties off of me / Do whatever you feel comes naturally." [Us]
• Celeb chef Todd English was spotted in St. Barts over the weekend with a "mystery Asian beauty," but she was "definitely not" English's jilted ex-fiancee Erica Wang. Phew. [P6]
• If you love geeky guys who play wannabe spies on TV, you're in luck: Zachary Levi from NBC's Chuck has broken up with his girlfriend. [Us]
• Breaking! "Exclusive: Cops Believe Jon Gosselin's Ransack Claims Are a Publicity Stunt." [Radar]
• Joey Fatone and his wife have had another baby, and they've named her Kloey Alexandra. Not sure why we're even mentioning this. But it seems we just did. So there you go. [People]
• Did you hear about how actor Channing Tatum scalded his junk on the set of a movie last year? Would you like to? It's all contained in the February issue of Details, just so you know. [Us, People]