It was kind of an awkward joke to begin with: CNET writer Caroline McCarthy publicly imagining how her fameball buddies David Karp and Charles Forman would be mocked by Perez Hilton if the celebrity blogger worked for Valleywag. Hilton would, of course, call the cuddle-buddies gay, as McCarthy made clear in a mockup posted to her Tumblr Wednesday night. But throw in the fact that McCarthy and Karp very recently, we heard, broke up, and the image takes on an entirely more vicious, passive-aggressive sheen.

Karp is founder of blogging service Tumblr, where McCarthy posted the pic, lending it kind of a "stop hitting yourself!" undertone. Forman is also an internet entrepreneur, having started I'm In Like With You.

McCarthy, meanwhile, writes about the whole social media scene — including I'm In Like With You and, from time to time, Tumblr. Sometimes she even provides her own pictures, although we're starting to wonder if CNET shouldn't reconsider that sort of flexibility.

UPDATE: She's pulled the post. It was "only funny around midnight."