Right before he was busted on fraud charges, Rafaello Follieri decided to go house shopping with celebrity girlfriend Anne Hathaway. They wanted four stories: the first two controlled by Follieri, for his con-meetings and fancy con-parties, the top two under the charge of Hathaway, the actress told In Touch. But now Follieri is in jail,on his way to prison, far from his dream-home fantasy. There's poo and rats everywhere, and the Italian high-lifer is complaining, via his lawyer. The Smoking Gun has the documents:

He says that he cannot eat because the food appears to be spoiled and that the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary. E.g., there is excrement in the shower and rats are roaming freely in the area. He says the stench is intolerable... He reports blood in his urine and says that he is suffering from a series of intestinal problems which have left him debilitated.

The convicted con artist will receive little sympathy over his treatment. But Hathaway risks looking cold-hearted if she just leaves him to rot. At a minimum, the actress should probably have her people make some inquiries and express concern about her ex-boyfriend's conditions. And of course Hathaway can't take things too far because then it will look like she's consorting with a crook again. Tricky!

It's worth a try, though. This is probably the only chance in some time to trick the celebrity media into actually improving the lives of the poor and downtrodden.