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David Patrick Columbia, beloved confidante to heiresses and socialites and proprietor of New York Social Diary, would like the media to get a few things straight about Casey Johnson. He also knows all about Casey's final days, the details of which he shared today on his website. It's compelling stuff:

First of all, he'd really appreciate if the tabloids could report the correct location of the house where Johnson was discovered dead:

Contrary to reports all over the world, she did not die in the house she had been living in on Mulholland Drive, nor had her body gone unnoticed for days. The Daily Mail in London published pictures of the house where she died, referring to it as rat-infested and rundown. Wrong house, boys.

Casey had left the house on Mulholland where she had been living for some time – after essentially being evicted for non-payment of rent.

In the past couple of months she was living in this guest house belonging to an old friend of the family. As I'd reported here before, the West Hollywood house was a refuge that had provided for her in the past (when she first moved to Los Angeles).

How does DPC know this? He's friends with the woman who he says took her in. (He doesn't identify her by name.) Columbia stayed at the guesthouse himself a few years ago, so he has lots of pictures of the place.

He also has an extremely detailed account of Casey's final days, which he obtained from the woman who owns the house and who first discovered her body:

She was alone the last weekend of her life. The Tila Tequila/Nguyen business was only the media version of reality, not Casey's life. The party was over. Her hostess had been away for the holiday. She was alone New Year's Eve. ("Casey was too proud to tell anyone she didn’t have anything to do or anyplace to go.") The housekeeper heard her talking animatedly on the telephone on Saturday.

When her hostess returned to Los Angeles on Sunday night late, she could smell stale cigarette smoke in the living room of the mainhouse which Casey had access to. That was a "no smoking" zone but in this case she was pleased to know Casey had been there and relaxed, and maybe watched some TV (the guesthouse was packed with her belongings removed from the Mulholland house).

The guesthouse was dark at that late hour, and so it wasn't until late Monday morning that Casey’s hostess went over to yoo-hoo her guest to wake up, get outta bed. When she got no reaction, out of curiosity she went to look into the bedroom to see if Casey were there.

She saw her guest lying there peacefully, looking beautiful. The hostess lifted her arm. It was cold to the touch.

She called 911 first, she called Casey's mother and Casey's father.

She believes Casey had slipped into a diabetic coma the night before. Casey, she said, was always "meticulous" about getting her shot.

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